Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 29, 2008

Xbox 360 Slim Rumors Crop Up, Get Smashed

This weekend brought about rumors of a new “Slim” Xbox 360. The rumor purported that Microsoft hosted an event in India where they confirmed the existence of a Slim model, and that an official announcement of the produce would take place in December. Slim 360? Sounds pretty cool, right?

First, if this were true, I would not touch a slimmer Xbox 360 with a 10-foot pole. I just sent mine off in its cardboard coffin for the second time, thanks to another RRoD. We all know that the current 360 has major heat issues, so why would we trust a console that crams everything into a smaller case?

Well, don’t worry folks, this rumor has been smashed already. There is no record anywhere of a Microsoft event in India, let alone a Slim 360. Microsoft India has confirmed that indeed, there was no such announcement.


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