Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 10, 2008

Flying In Northrend Will Cost 1,000 Gold

For those WoW junkies out there looking forward to Wrath of the Lich King, here’s something you might find interesting. We’ve all known that our flying mounts will be useless when we first set foot on the new continent. Apparently it’s just too cold for low-level characters to go flying around. Blizzard had told us before that instead of paying gold to get the ability to fly, you would complete a quest instead. Apparently that’s no longer the case.

Blizzard recently announced a change in the flight system for Northrend. Once you reach level 77, you’ll have the option to pay out 1000G for the ability to fly around the new continent. As for the aforementioned quest, it has been removed. They stated that this will make it easier to obtain the ability, which I find a bit questionable. Sure, 1000G isn’t a ton of money at that level, but was the quest really that hard?


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