Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 28, 2008

Former Guitar Hero PR Agent Rocks Out For Playboy

When you work for an online news site, you deal with a lot of PR agencies and personnel. You rarely meet the people that you correspond with, as they are generally many miles away, and don’t always go to trade shows. Well if there’s one public relations worker that I wish I’d have met (while she was still working there), it’s Grace Kim, formerly of Activision.

The beautiful rocker in the video above spent a good bit of time as a PR agent for Activision, handling the Guitar Hero series. As luck would have it, she managed to land a gig with Playboy, and get herself a centerfold spread in the November issue. It seems that she also had some time to rock out with the new Starpex guitar from Peak Products. When you’re done enjoying the video above, you can read her review of the controller here.

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