Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 21, 2008

Mega Man DLC Brings New Stage, Two New Difficulty Levels

I picked up Mega Man 9 shortly after it became available for the Wii, and was amazed at how much fun a 15-year-old game was. Sure, Capcom just made this one, but the gameplay was a nearly identical experience to what I played on my NES as a kid. The various challenges have brought me back to the game more than a few times, and thanks to a new round of DLC, I’ll probably be spending a bit more time with it this week.

There are three new packs available (for the Wii at least, tomorrow they will be available on the 360, and Thursday for the PS3), one of which is a new stage, the other two being difficulty levels. The new level is for the Time Attack mode, and features Fake Man, which if I’m not mistaken, actually plays a very brief role in the story line. The two difficulty modes promise to kick your ass, and frustrate you to no end, which is exactly what we want in a Mega Man game.


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