Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 23, 2008

NES Cartridge Art Is Pricey, Ugly

I’ll admit to having some interesting pieces of gaming (or general geeky) art on my walls, but what I’m missing is something that pays tribute to the console that started it all (for me). Sure, I could track down an old poster featuring an NES title, or maybe a unique piece with a classic Mario theme, but I don’t think that would do it justice. No, what I need is an original NES cart inside of a shadowbox.

This wonderfully Photoshopped image of what you will probably get upon purchase really doesn’t look that great. Honestly, it doesn’t even look like a shadowbox. While I wouldn’t recommend dropping $80 on one of these, I think that you could probably make a pretty decent piece of art for 10-15 bucks with a trip to a hobby shop.


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