Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 2, 2008

Nintendo Finally Addresses Storage Issue For Wii

The new DSi wasn’t the only big news that Nintendo announced today. Satoru Iwata announced earlier this morning that they have finally addressed the storage issue that has plagued the Wii since launch. Sure, 512MB is a lot of space, if you’re living in 1994, but with all of the WiiWare titles and such, we need something a little more substantial. So on what magical medium will we be keeping our data? Why the SD card of course.

Yes, Nintendo has come up with a way for us to truly take advantage of that SD card slot. Starting next spring, you will be able to download games directly to an SD card and play them from it. This answers the question of how Harmonix was going to make DLC work on Rock Band, unfortunately it sounds like you won’t really be able to do that until sometime early next year.


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