Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 3, 2008

Rumor – KOTOR MMO To Be Made Official This Month

I was a huge fan of Star Wars Galaxies back in the day. I recall scouring the net for any tidbits of information prior to the game’s launch, and immersing myself in it once it came out. For many months I built up my character, getting ever so much closer to unlocking the coveted Jedi character, only to have it ripped away from me. I’m of course referring to SOE’s complete overhaul of the game. After the new experience was launched, I just couldn’t get back into the game. No matter how hard I tried, I feared that I would never again truly enjoy a Star Wars MMO. But wait, there is another hope.

Earlier this year it was casually mentioned that BioWare was developing an online game based on the KOTOR series, which was very exciting. Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement on the subject, but thanks to a rumor, we have hope that there will be very soon. A UK newspaper recently published a column in which they mentioned “a MMO of Knights of the Old Republic” and then stated that were off to San Francisco to “file an exclusive report on the game”. If the cat wasn’t out of the bag before, I’d say it is now.


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