Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 8, 2008

Rumor – Xbox 360 Bundles Coming For The Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re looking forward to seeing what sort of promotions each of the big console manufacturers will be offering. We’ve already seen Sony’s 160GB PS3 bundle, which to be honest seems a bit crazy. Sure, everyone wants a bigger hard drive, but with the economy as it is, it’s going to be hard to push a $500 sale. We know that Nintendo doesn’t really have to do anything but keep up supply to make good sales, which leaves us with Microsoft.

We haven’t heard anything official from Microsoft, but rumor has it that they will be bundling various 360 models with “family friendly” games such as Kung Fu Panda and LEGO Indiana Jones. What’s more, is that rumors indicate that these games will be bundled in for free. With the increased sales that the console has seen since the latest price drops, you can bet that a bundle like this will do well during the holidays.


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