Posted by Kat on Oct 15, 2008

The disappointingly dull video interview with latest Lara Croft girl

Alright, let’s get one thing out of the way right now, Lara Croft is very much a sex symbol.  Watching the girl that plays her in action is not only cool, but for the male crowd and even some girls it’s hot.  Watching her talk for eight minutes, that’s just a bit dull.  Yes, she is very cute, but nothing that was said was all that exciting.  Alright, you do get eight minutes of staring at her cleavage, but even listening closely to the interview there was really only one fun fact that I found remotely interesting.  That was that her costume is very practical and comfortable when she is doing all of her stunts.  Which I like, because it means that they aren’t just slapping a skimpy outfit on the girl that makes it a pain to play her part.

Actually, I also found it a little funny that she believes  what makes men find Lara Croft attractive is her independence.  I will admit that probably helps, but seriously, she’s a busty and very bendy girl who can kick ass, enough said.  All in all the video was fairly pointless, I do however give kudos to the Tech Digest guy that interviewed her.  Seriously he found an excuse to talk to Allison Carroll for eight minutes.  Even if it was horribly dull to watch for the rest of us.


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