Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 8, 2008

Turn Your PSP Into A Second Monitor For Your PC

I remember several years ago when I was finally able to hook up two monitors to my PC. Sure, having two giant CRT screens took up my entire desk, but it was worth it. Since that time, I’ve never gone back down to a single monitor, as it makes things so much easier. If you’ve been looking to add another screen, but don’t have the scratch, you could always turn your PSP into one.

If you’re into hacking your PSP, then this homebrew app could be worth checking out. PSPdisp essentially turns your handheld into second monitor with 960×544 worth of desktop space. This could be useful for storing toolbars when working in programs such as Photoshop. The video above gives a good demonstration, though it probably could have been cut off well before it reached two and a half minutes.


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