Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 6, 2008

Activision Ponders Subscription Fees For User-Created Guitar Hero Tracks

I’m sure that you know by now that Guitar Hero: World Tour has a mode that allows you to create your own custom music. Perhaps you’ve even taken the time to compose your own tracks. Well Activision has taken notice to the fact that over 25,000 such songs have been created already. So what do they plan to do in celebration? One idea they are considering is selling subscriptions to the content.

Yes, they want you to make music, then sell you the rights to access said music. Just imagine, you could actually be given the opportunity to hand them money for something you get for free! It’s not like Blizzard Activision didn’t just report a huge profit for the quarter or anything. They’re probably hurting for cash, since they no doubt have had to hire more people to count all of their excess monies.


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