Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 5, 2008

Review – ezStand

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I tend to take the rocking of plastic instruments a bit too seriously at times, but it’s something I enjoy. One of the issues I run into with my guitar controllers is of where to place them when they aren’t in use. I generally keep at least one of them leaned up against my entertainment center, however, that’s not the most ideal situation. I’ve had the opportunity to check out this ezStand from ezGear, which is exactly what I’ve been needing.

The ezStand is quite simply a smaller version of a regular guitar stand. I do actually own a real guitar, so I took a picture of the my real guitar stand next to the one from ezGear. In most respects, they are very similar. There really isn’t much to this product, though it’s worth noting that the neck is height adjustable, and the entire unit is constructed of a light but durable metal, similar to my larger stand.

This isn’t a must-have item for most people, however, if you like showing off your Guitar Hero or Rock Band instrument, I highly suggest picking one of these up. They are perfect for what they do, and it makes your living room look a bit nicer than if you just lean your controller up against something. The ezStand will only set you back $16, and can be ordered here.

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