Posted by Mike VanCleave on Dec 3, 2008

Review – Peak Starpex Guitar Controller

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Peak has crafted what I humbly believe is the best guitar controller available. Over the last week I have enjoyed playing with Peak’s Obsidian Starpex Guitar controller for the PS3/PS2. The awesome people at Peak have taken a wooden guitar body and inlaied the electronic components into the guitar. This, much like the Rock Band Ion Drum Kit will set you back a few bucks, but is a worthwhile investment if you’re really into RB/GH and you’re a PS3 owner like myself. Read on for the full review.

This controller easily beats out the game guitars for RB/GH. The strum bar is excellent with very precise response. It feels and functions much like the one from the classic Black/Red SG from the original Guitar Hero. The housing that holds the whammy bar, start button, and select button also make for an excellent hand rest to help with quick strumming. With the wooden body, missing notes because of the guitar neck misregistering is a thing of the past. The lower five fret buttons can even be used in Guitar Hero for a little extra fun. Taking away the fallacies of the standard controllers has brought some new life into these games for me. It’s fun to play when you can precisely control when your Overdrive/Star Power gets triggered and you don’t have to worry about missing that damned orange note…

I tried the Starpex out on all of the past and present games and couldn’t find any issues with its functionality. My only complaint would be the lack of a control pad/PS Button on the guitar, but I believe that would most likely ruin the aesthetic of the controller.

This controller is super fun to play with and I highly recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to pick one of these up, to do so. I picked up my Les Paul and Fender earlier and they just could not compare to the look and feel of this controller. For the PS3/PS2, the Peak Starpex Guitar Controller is definitely my instrument of choice.

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