Posted by Eric.Barr on Mar 30, 2009

Rock Band – Would A Game By Any Other Name Rock As Hard?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite game might have been named? Companies go through dozens of names before finally settling on one. I’ve always thought it would be fun to sit in on one of those meetings and pitch cool names. Well we’re going to do something fun for all of you at home, I’ve got a list of rejected names for Rock Band. Mind you, these are straight from Senior designer Dan Teasdale. Let’s see if you can pick the one that wasn’t really pitched by the Rock Band crew. Hit the jump to play along.

  • Power Chords
  • Big Band Blowout
  • Metal Lords
  • I Want To Be A Rockstar!
  • Rock Band: World Tour

Let me guess, you picked “Rock Band: World Tour”, right? Wrong. These were all ideas that got tossed around before finally settling on the name we all know and love. So why was the “World Tour” dropped from the end? According to Teasdale “This will never sell”.


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