Posted by Kat on Apr 20, 2009

Douche Of The Week – George Will

Alright, so we don’t actually have a douche of the week, but if we did, George Will would qualify.  He recently wrote up a piece ranting about kids these days.  The entire article printed in The Washington Post is excessively preachy and judgmental.  Written by a man who is looking back upon the past with rose colored glasses that cover up the faults of his generation.  Just like all cynical old men, he’s complaining about the younger generations.  He starts it off by saying that adults never really grow up anymore and using a fashion accessory as proof.  Apparently he has an issue with people walking around in denim.  Instead you should sip tea and look crisp and clean in a pair of nice khakis.

He actually states that men should never wear anything Fred Astaire wouldn’t wear and women don’t wear anything Grace Kelly wouldn’t.  So boys pull out those bow ties and ladies it’s back to wearing large hats.  Oh joy.  You might be wondering where on earth gaming came into play.  Well during his hissy fit that I’m sure he was well paid for, he decided to go after gamers very briefly.  It wasn’t good enough to discredit full generations based on their addiction to denim, he had to take it one step further.  He went on to say, “Seventy-five percent of American “gamers” — people who play video games — are older than 18 and nevertheless are allowed to vote.”  We feeble minded gamers are clearly incapable of coming to a logical decision involving politics due to all that gaming rotting our brains.

Source: Joystiq

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