Posted by Kat on Apr 22, 2009

FPS Gaming Vest Lets You Feel It When Hit

As gamers we tend to look for the newest and best ways to become even more immersed in our beloved games.  It typically means better surround sound, bigger and better monitors/TVs and so on.  We always strive for our personal version of perfection when it comes to our gaming gear.  Well for those that are addicted to FPS games, Think Geek has one more device you might want to pick up.  It actually allows for you to feel when and where you have been hit.  Whether or not you think this is important for your gaming experience is of course up to you.  I’m sure many will find at the very least the added element intriguing.

There are eight pneumatic impact hammers that are stitched into the vest.  There are a total of four in front and four in back, when you get hit, you actually feel it through one of the eight.  There is a full list of games that will work with the vest on Think Geek’s website.  Some of the big ones are Halflife 2, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Call of Duty: World at War, Crysis, Fable and then of course there is the infamous World of Warcraft.  The vest actually comes with Call of Duty 2.  It’s USB compatible and works with Windows XP as well as Vista.  I am dying to try it out, but in all honesty $138.99 is a bit hard to swallow when I’m still not sure if this is something I’d actually enjoy using on a regular basis.

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