Posted by Eric.Barr on Apr 27, 2009

GameStop Briefly Takes Pre-orders For Guitar Hero: Van Halen

I’m a huge Van Halen fan, and was really stoked when I saw Hot For Teacher on Guitar Hero: World Tour (and You Really Got Me on GH II). I can’t remember how many tries it took to get through the drums on Expert, but it was a rush. There have been plenty of rumors about the band getting their own Guitar Hero title, joining Aerosmith and Metallica. Now it looks as though GameStop has officially let the cat out of the bag.

The page has since been removed, but for a short time the gaming giant was taking pre-orders for Guitar Hero: Van Halen on the Wii, 360, PS2 and PS3. If GameStop is to be believed, we can expect the game to drop on August 4th. Will I buy it? Yes. Will I be happy if I can’t export these tracks and add them to my regular GH: WT setlist. Of course.


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