Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Apr 6, 2009

Ostrich Hammer Will Be Unlockable In Red Faction: Guerrilla

April Fool’s Day is always a blast, especially in the gaming community. I’m sure that you caught most of the pranks whilst searching around last week. One that I’d like to point you towards was the supposed addition of an Ostrich Hammer in Red Faction: Guerrilla. Just look at that screenshot. Who wouldn’t want to run around beating people upside the head with an ostrich? Settle down PETA, no ostriches were hurt in the filming of that image.

Fast-forward to today, and the prank is no longer such. Apparently the guys at Volition got enough positive feedback that they have decided to actually put the Ostrich Hammer in the game as an unlockable weapon. Who says game devs don’t listen to the people?


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