Posted by Jimmothy on Apr 21, 2009

Saving Captain Phillips – The game to end all games!

I understand that making a mockery of the heroic efforts of the snipers on the MV Maersk Alabama is quite horrible, but I assure, this game is worse. As far as flash games go, I have no experience coding at all and probably could have done a better job.

On April 12th the hijacking of the aforementioned cargo ship ended with a group of Somali Pirates, three to be exact, being taken out by SEAL Team Six snipers, there were four pirates, one was captured on the cargo ship and the remaining three tried escaping with Captain Phillips. Those three pirates were the three taken out by the snipers, thus ending the hijacking/kidnapping.

In the game there are three snipers with limited ammo, a lifeboat with 4 pirates surrounding Captain Phillips, and you have to use your mouse to “Snipe” the pirates before the lifeboat reaches shore. The mouse movement is extremely shaky, likely to simulate the waves and motion of the boat and such, and the game only lasts about a minute. It’s really quite a horrible game, horribly depicting a horrible series of events, so I give it three Horribles out of three, as if that were a rating system.

Here is a link to the game, and a link to the Wikipedia article regarding these tragic events, I got a 470 on first try, hopefully you can do better.


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