Posted by Jimmothy on Apr 14, 2009

WoW Patch 3.1 Now Live!

With all of the news surrounding the release of this most recent patch it’s been hard keeping up. There are a lot of changes, from the addition of Ulduar to Dual Speccing, class changes, the list goes on! But alas the patch is live, and if you haven’t already been preparing for all the new things coming in this patch, well, here’s a taste…

First off, dual specs, that’s right, for a mere thousand gold pieces you can have dual specs, which you can switch between, without going to a capital city. Now your Death Knight can switch from doing massive amounts of DPS to tanking if that’s what the group requires. Or if having one character remain efficient in both PvE and PvP has always been a dream of yours, you can do that too.

Other than the addition of a new area with new raid opportunities and new bosses, dual specs was the big announcement. They’ve also made some class changes, added some aquatic mounts, and a fair amount of Achievements/World Events. Let’s not forget the Argent Tournament, the possibility to prove your worth, I can just hear the people screaming “Two men enter! One man Leave!”


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