Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 7, 2009

Blizzard Opens Beta Registration For StarCraft II

I don’t know what it is in the water over at Blizzard, but those guys know how to make games that stand the test of time. I still know people that play Diablo II and StarCraft on a semi-regular basis. Hell, it’s only been a year or two since the last time I hacked and slashed my way through the original two Diablo games. We all know that StarCraft II has been in production for a while, and it was announced that they would be entering beta testing sometime this year. We now know that it’s coming very soon, and there are two ways to get in.

The first way would be with those nifty beta codes that you got at Blizzcon last year. If you didn’t manage to get into the show, you can head over to the Battle.net site and get yourself signed up. You’ll need to have a Battle.net account to sign up. After that is taken care of, you’ll download a small application that checks your hardware and sends it off to Blizzard. I’m not sure how long the opt-in window will be open, so I’d suggest heading over there now if you want the chance to get in. Bear in mind that opting-in doesn’t actually guarantee that you’ll get accepted.


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