Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 1, 2009

Charge Your Wiimotes With The Power Of Induction

One thing I hate about all of my game controllers is that I fell like I’m always swapping out rechargeable batteries. Many times I’m tempted to get some sort of charging station that I can just keep them on when I’m not using the controller. When it comes to the Wiimote, there’s that little silicon sleeve that can be a real nuisance, since you have to remove it to get to the batteries, so there is even more reason for a better charging solution. Enter the Energizer WiiMore charger.

This thing looks like it would be the perfect solution to my problem. It would hold both controllers I have, includes rechargeable battery packs, and uses induction charging so I can leave them in their sleeves. Unfortunately there’s a chance that this thing will be obsolete a month after it comes out. You see, it hits stores in June, while Nintendo is releasing their MotionPlus accessory in July.

The MotionPlus attachment will come with its own silicon sleeve, so you won’t be taking it out of there very often. Now depending on how specific the charging point is, this could be a serious problem with the WiiMore. If I have to take the Wiimote out of its sleeve every time I charge it, that would defeat the entire point of the stand. For $50 it would be a great addition to your gaming area, but I’d wait to see how it works with the new hardware.


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