Posted by Eric Barr on Jun 22, 2009

Review – OCZ Behemoth Laser Gaming Mouse

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When it comes to gaming hardware the first things to pop into mind are generally the CPU/RAM and video card. It wasn’t until I set aside the trusty wireless mouse that came with my old Logitech keyboard to review the OCZ Behemoth Laser Gaming Mouse that I realized just how much this device plays into the gaming experience.

Right out of the box my first impression was that it appears rather bulky, I say appears because once it was plugged in and in my hand it felt very comfortable. The extra width comes from the erganomic design which provides a comfortable rest for the ring and pinky fingers. This had a impact during a long gaming session with the new Ghostbuster’s game. One requirement in the game is to target and wear down ghosts which on harder difficulty settings can take a considerable amount of time. The lack of fatigue in my hand afterwards was noticeable.

Speaking of Ghostbuster’s and its precision requirements for paranormal investigations and eliminations, it provided the OCZ Behemoth another opportunity to shine via it’s high precision double laser engine and an easy accessible hardware dpi selector. Capturing ghosts requires a very precise and steady aim, setting the OCZ Behemoth’s dpi selection to the low 800dpi setting during those times is a sure way to wrangle even the squirmiest of ghosts. Switching back to a higher dpi for moving around the environment was easy and after a few times switching between the two became an afterthought. On my old mouse the sensitivity would have been frustrating at best and even after tweaking would never have matched the precision and ease of use that the OCZ Behemoth provides.

If I’m not busting ghosts I can also be found drudging around Wastelands in Fallout 3. In this type of game where exploration plays as much of a role as combat I like to lean heavy on the mouse to handle most of the controls while traversing new territory. Configuring the OCZ Behemoth’s programmable buttons is a simple process and with the onboard memory those settings can go with you to any PC.

The OCZ Behemoth Laser Gaming Mouse packs a lot of features into its ergonomic black shell, but the best feature by far has to be the price. For other mice with comparable features the range is generally $60 to $100, the OCZ Behemoth retails at $39.99 and can be found at online retailers such as newegg.com for $10 under that. At half the price of most other gaming mice the value the OCZ Behemoth Laser Gaming Mouse provides will be tough to beat.

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