Posted by Brandon Meece on Aug 18, 2009

Penny Arcade Card Game?….. Sweet!

Well hello there reader’s.  I just heard about Penny Arcades new card game from Fantasy Flight Games.  Its called “Penny Arcade: The Card Game”

Now we all know how Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins have carved their way into the online and gaming communities with there web comic Penny Arcade. (If not you need to read up…NUFF SAID!)  New to their ever growing credit is this card game that claims to work with a similar set up to MTG (Magic The Gathering).  However instead of playing creatures and casting spells, you play pranks on one another.  Even kick each other in the junk as Gabe or Tycho the writers alter egos in the comic!  While the game platform only allows 2 players It sounds like a hoot!  One of the other things that is nice about it is that its a one time buy.  There will be no further expansion to the game as it is right now it is a stand alone product.  So you wont have to choose between food or booster packs to stay current.

The game has a 13 and up age range so if your looking for the max in Dick and Fart humor you see on the comic you’ll be a little disappointed.  However they assure us that the game has plenty of toilet humor and will be a great addition to your table top game collection!


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