Posted by Brandon Meece on Sep 15, 2009

Have You Ever Heard Of Evony?

Okay I’m sure that you have seen the adds for Evony somewhere on the net.  So I thought I’d give them a try.  Now I read a lot of stuff saying they ripped off Ages of Empires.  If you think about it how could they not. The platform for that game is awesome and it worked great.  Now some of the graphic details are similar and or just plain the same.  But mechanics and play wise they are a world apart.  For one if AOE took this long to play you would have said F this I’m outa here.   Now the entire game is structured around the AOE style Of RTS.  But this real time is real slow.  Sure you don’t have to pay or buy anything to start up.  If you ever want to get anywhere though you must pay or be prepared to wait a very long time.  The reason the game is so slow is so you pay for speed ups.  You pay them Cash for in game cash which you then use to make things better and or move faster.  It starts out the same as AOE, they give you a town hall and some resources to start with.  You have limited space but as you improve you gain more space.  Its very much the same as nearly every RTS in that you build this and that then upgrade them and gather more resources and build some more and upgrade some more and then you build an army and attack people and or NPC’s.  Only difference is you can play this anytime from anywhere you have access to the net without downloading anything.  Also it never stops running,  you gather resources 24 7.  I see this as kind of cool but the major downfall is that your enemy can also attack you.  But fret not, for your first 7 days you are untouchable and after that you get a period of truce.  Now the truce is tricky in that you get 12 out of 24 hours to be untouchable.  But for the other 12 you are open to attack at any time from any player not in your alliance on the server.  So this valuable little tool must be timed right.  Now once you start they give you plenty of goodies to speed you along.  Just follow the quest log and you will be rewarded handsomely.  They really lay it all out there for you to see.  I set a pretty good town on server 69 …Heh heh heh… under the name Guradao (my former wow name) in under 2 hours and was top rated in my newly formed alliance.  My alliance was comprised of new players and I shot up faster then most.  So some  experience with RTS’s like AOE will come in handy also wow because like I mentioned there is a quest log to follow.  I would not suggest waring too fast as I found that the NPC’s around me are well dug in and deadly to a newby.  I also dropped 5 bucks to get some hop ups so I’m sure that aided me in jumping ahead.  I don’t know if I’m interested in playing this hardcore but maybe check in once or twice a week to see if I’m still alive and make some improvements.   But I’m sure for some of you this will be a boatload of fun and a great way to blow some of that cash that’s burning a hole in your pocket at lunch or during study hall.  Also for you iphone users I think I saw something about an iEvony coming soon.

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