Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 21, 2009

Review – Konnet Power Pyramid

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Not all gaming gadgets have to be full of high tech wizardry. Sometimes it’s the simple ones that end up being essential to a gamer’s way of life. I’ve got three consoles and 7 controllers in my living room that all need to be charged in one manner or another. A simple gadget that simplifies this process would be wonderful. Konnet has sent over a Power Pyramid which is supposed to make recharging my PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers a little easier.

The Power Pyramid is a very simple device. In the box you’ll only find the Pyramid itself and a power cord. Plug in the power cord, and you’re done with the setup. It has four docks, which accommodate two different types of controllers. The top pair is designated for PS3, and the bottom two are for your Xbox 360 controllers. Because the two use very different connectors, the docks cannot be used interchangeably.

When you dock a controller, you’ll see an LED light up to inform you that it is connected. Red means charging, while blue means it is finished. Don’t worry about leaving your controllers on too long, as it will stop feeding them juice when they’ve reached their maximum charge.

In summary, the Power Pyramid gives you a place to not only store a pair of Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers, but it also keeps them charged. If you have more than two of each, it might not be the best solution for you. Thankfully Konnet has two other versions of the Pyramid; one that charges four Xbox 360 controllers and another that charges a quartet of PS3 ones. The $55 MSRP is a tad high for something basic such as this, but smart shoppers can find it for around $40 if they know where to look.

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