Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Apr 9, 2010

MW2 Stimulus Package Release Date Announced For PS3, PC

Regardless of what you think about the price or value of the Modern Warfware 2 Stimulus Package DLC, it’s hard to deny its popularity. Well, it’s popular with 360 players at least, PC and PS3 owners have been left out in the cold (don’t worry, they’re used to it by now). We knew that this was a 360 exclusive, but it seems that exclusivity won’t last too long.

Starting May 4th all PC owners will be getting the new content, along with US PS3 owners. The rest of the PS3 users around the world will see the update on the following day. While no official word was given on the pricing, we can’t imagine that they would charge any more (or less) than the $15 that 360 owners coughed up.

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