Posted by Mike VanCleave on Apr 15, 2010

Review – Mega Man 10 (Wii)

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Capcom once again delivers on its classic formula, tuning the difficulty down from their last attempt allowing for greater accessibility. With a new robot virus on the loose, 
Capcom’s blue bomber sets off on another 8-bit whirlwind adventure.  This time around the good people at Capcom decided to include additional play modes right out of the 
download.  These additional options only add to the replay value, not to mention the achievements that are up for grabs.

The game play is rock solid classic Mega Man just as you would remember from the NES days.  If you played the previous installment you know what to expect.  I enjoyed the 
multiple path level designs.  The collection of bosses feel familiar but are distinct from their predecessors.  As always defeating the first line of opposition is the hardest 
and the rest of the initial stages are easily completed with some trial and error.  Although the hardcore players out there will just use the standard blaster to complete the 

The few but minor issues I found were in the music and controls area.  All sounds and background noises retain their 8-bit glory, except some of the background beats sounded 
as though they were recycled from previous games.  At first I did find some of the menu screens difficult to navigate, the shop and weapon screens for instance.  I would also 
highly suggest using the classic controller if playing on the Wii. We were constantly hitting the Z button switching weapons, after finding NO option to remap the button on 
the Wii-mote we decided to change controllers.

In all Capcom delivers the goods in another addition of their franchise.  When companies are trying to impress us with their newest and shiniest graphics and technologies, it’s good to see a reminder of what makes a game that will stand the test of time, game play and design.  Fans of the series should definitely pick this one up.  With the $10.00 ($9.99/800 
pts/1000 pts) price tag this is a hard deal to pass up.

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