Posted by Mike VanCleave on Apr 9, 2010

Review – Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution

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Not long ago we received in the SFX Evo from Splitfish for the PS3 and Windows PC. After spending some time with the Evo I will admit that the controller did grow on me. In the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed by the initial setup required to use some of the functionality such as the Programmed Motion Over-ride (pMo), motion controls. Also I was a little put off by the 6 AAA battery requirement, but after a quick trip to the local pharmacy and a little practice I found that I was quickly able to enjoy the perks provided by the Evo.

The individual controllers themselves are also a little big, but I have large hands and they felt very comfortable. Someone with smaller hands might not feel quite the same way. The motion control feels very tight and the sensitivity is adjustable on the fly with the flick of your thumb. Generally I found it most comfortable to turn on the motion to the right chuck and let it control the camera, while turning the pMo on to take over a commonly used control. Another fun function of the Evo is the ability to map up to 12 key combos, quickly allowing you to lay down some major combos in your favorite fighting games.

My favorite option has to be the Programmed Motion Over-ride (pMo) mode. This allows you to change the function of one controller button to a upward motion on one of the six axis controllers. Currently only 1 button can be over-ridden, but hopefully in future firmware updates you will be able to reprogram more buttons.


  • Relaxed gameplay with two separate controllers.
  • Assignable Six-Axis motion control.
  • pMo mode


  • 6 AAA batteries for wireless play (can be recharged with included cable)
  • Oversized controllers might not be comfortable in small hands.
  • Currently only one control can be overridden to six-axis motion

Whether you’re looking for an edge in your favorite fighter, or just wanting to check out something a little different, the Dual SFX Evolution is worth a look. At $70 it is a little more expensive than a new Dualshock 3 controller, but the added functionality is worth it.

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