Posted by Mike VanCleave on Jun 25, 2010

Review – Splitfish Dual SFX Frag Pro

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Earlier this week we received in the Dual SFX Frag Pro from Splitfish. This time instead of having two separate “chucks” (like the Evolution) we have a left hand “chuck” and a mouse. Honestly you can’t get me to play a FPS game on the console or on the PC. I always got frustrated having to use the keyboard for moving around while enjoying the mouse for its precision and control, and the other way around for the console.

The real selling point for me is the precision and control offered by the mouse. This controller delivers the best of both worlds. If you are a fan of the FPS genre it’s a hard one to pass up. This is the controller console FPS gamers have needed for years. PC gamers can also decide to ditch the keyboard and give the Pro a go as well. I can’t wait to use it in one of our GamerFront office GTA IV sessions.

The Pro comes featured with many of the options of the Evolution including rapid fire, programmable macros, and pMo. One extra you’ll find here is the addition of a rigid mouse pad, which is great for gaming just about anywhere. Like the Evolution it does take a second to get used to calling up the necessary button configuration to use these options. Users of the Evolution will be familiar with the required finger contortions. While neither the Pro or Evolution require batteries to be used. The attempt will cost you 6 AAA batteries. Thankfully it has a built-in recharging system, if you spring for the right kind of batteries.

Overall, the Dual SFX Frag Pro is the best PS3 controller I’ve used for a FPS. You’ve got all of the precision you need, plus the ability to set macros and re-map your buttons. It doesn’t get much better than this. The $90 price tag is a little salty, but if you want to keep pace with the best, sometimes you need the best gear.

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