Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 16, 2010

Wii Game Sales Start To Level Off

It’s not going to come as much of a surprise to many, but it seems that the Wii may finally be leveling off in software sales. As you can see in the above graph courtesy of Gamasutra, the Wii hit a plateau last year, and it’s not been getting any better. Granted, aside from the PS2, most consoles don’t do terribly well after their 3rd year or so.

What will be interesting is whether or not Nintendo will start focusing on a new console next year, or keep their focus on the mobile platform. It’s been obvious that they have been pushing the DS platform for a long time, as they’ve released half a dozen updates to it since its inception. The Wii, however, has really only gotten one major upgrade the entire time. Only time will tell.


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