Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 20, 2010

A Bayonetta Figure for How Much?

When I first heard about a Bayonetta figure, I have to admit, I was stoked. Bayonetta has been on the minds of many gamers (right guys?) since the game’s release early this year. From the developers who brought you the Devil May Cry series, Bayonetta send you into a world of half-naked, hip-swinging, bullet flying chaos.

Now I will say that it takes a certain person to mentally prepare to spend a half a grand on a Bayonetta figure, at which this one is setting. It will cost you $500 to bring this beautiful babe home with you, to do as you wish. Now I ask myself, “What can you do with this figure? Does it make you sandwiches? Can it comfort you on a long, cold night? Does she cuddle?” Because if I spend that much money on something, I better get it back in return.

Of course, those of us out there who are hardcore Bayonetta fans, or those of us who are lonely can appreciate something of this quality for this kind of price. But for those regular guys like me, pictures work fine enough.

Here are some glamor shots of our witchy woman:


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