Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 25, 2010

A “Highly Confident” EA Comments On Respawn Entertainment

If any of you out there have played Modern Warfare 2, then you surely remember the big clash between Infinity Ward and Activision, which resulted in Infinity Ward leaders Vince Zampella’s and Jason West’s resignation from the company. Not too long after the announcement the two unveiled a yet-another ground breaking announcement: Respawn Entertainment.

The duo teamed up and created a new gaming company entitled Respawn Entertainment. Still dealing with the lawsuit, Zampella and West are trying to move forward and make this new company something more than an idea. Respawn submitted a pitch to EA Games, who really liked the idea that was presented by the two.

Speaking about the company, Zampella and West promised a video game that will “make gamers’ heads explode, get them completely excited, and give them a ton of fun.” We still don’t know what game that will be, nor do we know when it will be making all our heads ‘splode. However according to EA, we aren’t the only ones expecting greatness. EA Partners GM David DeMartini openly states that he expects greatmess from the newly-created company.

“We are highly, highly confident of what their end product is going to be,” DeMartini tells us of Respawn’s upcoming title. “They’ve told us that when they have something great, they are going to show us something.”

This statement gets me thinking. It’s almost the same as me telling someone that “When I have a cupcake to show you, I will have a cupcake.” It’s not a very confident statement it seems, however EA thinks so.

“Those guys have a long track record. It’s interesting in managing partners, especially really skilled and talented partners, because early on you’re kind of ‘How much do we get involved? Do we call them? Do we not call them?’ We’re trying to give those guys a lot of room,” claims DeMartini.

Although there seems to be lots of hype as to the content that Respawn could produce, but we have no details on what they have in the works as of yet. We have no release date, no platforms, no genre, no anything. Just a statement. Keeping in mind that whatever it is will be coming from the minds behind one of the greatest-selling titles in history, Modern Warfare 2, there exists a lot of hope that the title will be groundbreaking. Sadly enough, though, we might have to wait a while.

DeMartini tells us that “They’re doing it the right way. They had to get technology from the ground up. It’s definitely a start-up. Start-up companies take a lot of administration as well as creative energy to get those things started.”

This is possibly foreshadowing that it definitely could take a long while for the new company to produce any material. Seeing as how many former employees of Infinity Ward left to join the newly-created Respawn Entertainment, we can look to the horizons to see what lies ahead for the company.


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