Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 30, 2010

Gamestop Now Offering Xbox 360 DLC Cards

So I was perusing around in my local Gamestop this past weekend and I spotted something amazing. Some Gamestops across the country have started a new DLC card selling program. Now, instead of having to spend a lot of money on Microsoft points you can check the card supply and pick up exactly what you need.

For instance, let’s say that you wanted to go pick up the Stimulus Package maps for Modern Warfare 2. The package costs 1200 Microsoft points, but the point cards come in 1600 for $20. Now, instead of spending the whole $20, you can go in and pick up the actual Stimulus Package card for $15 and it has a code on it which can be redeemed for the Stimulus Package purchase.

As you can see, I took these pictures myself while at Gamestop. I am holding the card for the Stimulus Package download. Beyond my hand you can see Halo 3 cards as well. The selection may vary, but there is mostly always going to be what you need there, based on the popularity of the download. This way it saves you a bit of change which you can save up for a reserve, or for more DLC in the future. So get out there and see if your Gamestop is rolling out this feature or not!

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