Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 27, 2010

I Choose You!: A Call of Duty Pokemon Game

I never thought I would see something like this. Ever.

Remember the days where we used to jet home after school to grab our gameboy so that we can devote hours to get our Charmander to evolve? Yeah, nowadays we are holding a contoller screaming at the television screen about how everyone on the other team is garbage because they are no talent campers.

There’s no way around admitting that Modern Warfare 2 is one of the biggest titles to ever hit consoles, just as Pokemon was most definitely one of the biggest series to hit the Gameboy platform.

What do these two have in common you ask? Well what if they both collided in one most totally awesome game?

Well the guys over at BlastedRoof bring us just that. This little video clip has everything. Epic battles, items, super awesome graphics, and epic n00b pwnage! It may be a little off topic, but nothing skips under the rader here at the GamerFront office. Enjoy this little tidbit, on us.


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