Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 20, 2010

Playdead Not In ‘Limbo’ Over Newest Release

I have to be honest, Playdead’s creepy indie game, Limbo, surprised me greatly when it arrived on Xbox Live’s Marketplace. The game was a complete hit, not with just its critics, but also with the game-purchasing community as well.

The game centers around a little kid who awakens in a dark forest illuminated with potential death and dead-ends. The scenery is painted in hues of black and white, which gives a sense of simplicity to the game, yet it draws in the creativity of the game’s developer. The title is essentially a side-scrolling puzzle game, shrouded with death and mystery. For 1200 Microsoft points you can add this amazing title to your collection.

For the first five minutes the game did completely frustrate me, but as I moved on I found myself too encompassed in the sheer beauty of the game. I think one of the most important aspects in this game is the horror it emanates. I was completely horrified, but glued to the screen. The controls are simple, the game, however, is not. I assure you, this title will keep you glued to your seat, until that very moment where you need to make a bathroom run to release the anxiety built up.

Playdead reported the game selling over 300,000 copies. For an indie game that is incredible. I really hope that people out there get a chance to pick this game up from XBLA. IT was one of the smartest, best financial decisions I have made. For a fun, yet horrifying, yet can’t-take-my-eyes-off-it game, this one takes the cake.


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