Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 19, 2010

Razer Intros Their First Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Whether you spend most of your time typing on a keyboard, or punching in commands in your favorite PC game, you can tell a difference between the various types of hardware used. Specifically, your mechanical keyboards (easily identified by their clacky sounds) tend to have a better feel in many people’s opinions. I just switched back to my trusty SteelSeries 7G, after months with other keyboards, and I’d forgotten how much I love it. Granted, my co-workers like to harass me because they can hear the keyboard clicks in the next room.

It’s harder to find good mechanical keyboards these days, mostly because companies want to spend as little on the basic hardware as possible, so they can put in all sorts of other fancy features. Thankfully Razer has tossed their hat into the ring and announced a pair of new BlackWidow mechanical keyboards.

These two new peripherals feature fully mechanical keys (none of that sissy membrane stuff here) which they say has a much more crisp response than other such keyboards, with tactile feedback similar to a mouse click. They’ve even set the actuation point to be halfway through the full travel distance, which should make it much quicker to hit the keys you want. These features alone should increase your performance during those long gaming sessions, while also making sure your fingers don’t get tired from pressing down on the keys so hard.

Razer has been working on these two keyboards for over three years, and claims that it is the first mechanical keyboard to be designed with gaming in mind. Will it be the best keyboard out there? We’ll have to wait and find out. The BlackWidow goes on sale next month for $80, making it one of the best cheap gaming keyboards, and the BlackWidow Ultimate will be $120. The extra cash will net you extra features such as illuminated keys, headphone and mic jacks, as well as an extra USB port.


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