Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 24, 2010

Razer Onza Gets Banned By The Pros

Having the right hardware can give you an edge on the competition. In fact, some devices have the potential to give you such an advantage that they’ve been banned from use in some tournaments. Specifically, the Razer Onza has been deemed unworthy of use by Major League Gaming.

The controller has what Razer calls programmable multi-function buttons (MFBs) that aren’t a part of the regular set of 360 controller buttons. Apparently the League believes that these can be easily modded into being used as macro or rapid-fire buttons. This was the statement released:

The big issue with extra buttons is how easy it is to mod the controller without us being able to monitor it. Modders will be able to turn the extra buttons into rapid fire buttons or a macro like RRX. We cannot simply check every player’s Onza controller to make sure they have not modded it. Sure, someone could do that now with a Microsoft controller, but by doing that they are removing a default button on their controller. People pay a lot of money now for modded controllers with extra buttons that will rapid fire or macro. The Onza would make it impossible for us to monitor this on the circuit.

This may seem like a blow to Razer in their first foray into the world of console gaming controllers, but I don’t think it will be as such. After all, now they have a controller that was banned by the big leagues. What kid isn’t going to want a controller like that?


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