Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 19, 2010

Splitfish Reduces Battery Needs With The FRAGFX Shark

We’ve already shown you how awesome Splitfish’s PS3 controllers are, but now they’ve fixed one of the small problems that we’ve encountered with them. See, having a controller that uses a total of 6 AAA batteries that will need replacing is not the most fun for your bank account.

So what have they done? Splitfish has unveiled their new FRAGFX Shark controller which needs only a pair of AA batteries between the two pieces (one for the mouse and one for the chuck) which will last through over 50 hours of gaming. You’ll even be able to get 500 hours of standby out of them. So not only do you significantly cut down on the number of batteries used, they’re going to last a while before needing replaced. What more could you want?


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