Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 9, 2010

Behind The Scenes In Gaming: The Sounds Of Halo: Reach

I am sure that as you all know, I love video games. I love playing them, watching them, and even having a chance to see what goes into making them. Well, in order to stay in line with Halo Fever I figured I would share some great footage with you, the readers.

Soundworks Collection usually profiles the masters of sound from various movies and video games, and this time, they have decided to cover one of the biggest anticipated titles about to release to the masses – Halo: Reach. In this mini-documentary you can learn about everything that went into creating the many sounds of the game. The documentary profiles the audio team, and that means our main man Marty O’Donnel, and it is definitely worth watching. It’s unique to see how games are created not just for your eyes and hands, but for your ears as well. Take a look, and enjoy.


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"HALO: REACH" Game Audio Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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