Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 27, 2010

Details On The Lost Guardian, Right From Ueda

Playstation Blog had a sit-down with Team Ico’s Creative Director, Fumito Ueda, to speak about the company’s first PS3 title, The Last Guardian. Not much is known about this new title, but Ueda sheds some light and explains some big topics to help us get a better understanding of the anticipated game.

Immediately Ueda explains that The Last Guardian is not a “pet game”. He goes on to say that the player will be accompanied by Trico, a giant guardian that resembles that of an animal. The main character in the game is a young boy – yet with no name – who is forced to escape the location in which he exists in the trailers. Ueda doesn’t outright say it, but he hints that players could also run into other creatures the size of their guardian.

Ueda further explains that “the boy is unable to defeat the enemies on his own.”. While the mechanics of the game are not yet set in place, we are told that it won’t take long to get used to the control scheme. We are assuming that this new game will show elements of the Shadow of the colossus, all while being more accessible. “I also want people who are not serious game players to try out the game. So I want the controls simpler than before,” Ueda comments.


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