Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 9, 2010

Launch Events – In Celebration Of Halo: Reach

In celebration of one of the final game of one of the biggest series in video game history, launch events are being planned all over the globe. Halo: Reach is set to release in just about a week on September 14th. Fans from all corners of the Earth will join in celebration of this groundbreaking title by coming together for midnight releases, Halo parties, and much more.

Literally thousands of retail stores nationwide are set to host launch events in celebration of the final entry to the Halo series. A lot of fans are torn between excitement and heartbreak over this final title. A prequel to the series, Halo: Reach takes place on the fateful planet of Reach where the Spartan Project is in its beginning stages. If you have been following the Halo series, then you know that the Covenant invade Reach which causes the destruction of the planet. A short novel was released about this entire episode of the Halo series titled “The Fall of Reach”. Tons of fanfiction has been written about Halo and its following titles in the series, as well as numerous works of art created by the Halo community.

The new game has every fan on edge, just waiting to get their hands on their own copy. This is why most retailers are preparing launch events to celebrate its release.

For instance, here is a flyer for the launch event at the Gamestop here by the office in Bloomington, Indiana. The event is being held from 9 PM to midnight on September 13th, which is the night before the release date of the game. The local Applebee’s is hosting the launch party, where there will be drinks served, half-price appetizers, and a Halo 3 tournament where players can win prizes and Halo swag. [For anyone reading this in the Bloomington, Indiana area, feel free to check out my Facebook page here, where we can keep in touch as I will be at the event.] Launch events like this will be held all over the world for the release of the new game.

Launch events are kind of like after parties that take place before the release of a game. They are great places to meet new friends, network, and meet like-minded people, plus you get your copy of whatever game the launch event is for, as soon as midnight hits. This entire month has been dubbed “Halo Fever Month”, so make sure you get out there and see what your community is doing for the release of the game. Also, feel free to tell us what sort of launch event is going on in your locale!

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