Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 30, 2010

New Mario DSi and DSi XL Are Here To Stall Us

Just recently Nintendo announced a spiffy new Super Mario-themed Nintendo DSi and DSi XL. The company also announced that a Super Mario 25th Anniversary DSi which looks similar to what’s above, only it has a picture of Mario jumping in its front. Check out the 25th Anniversary Edition DSi here. I am sure that between these two new releases, it will make decisions very hard between these two and the 3DS that we are all waiting for.

The Super Mario DSi XL will be available in Japan on October 28th for a cool 18,000 yen (roughly about $215), where the DSi version will be available the same day for 14,800 yen (about $177). Apparently these items are only available from the Japanese 7-11 and its online store.

Weird, I know.


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