Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 11, 2010

3DS To Have Reduced Battery Life In Comparison To DS

Nintendo’s latest handheld has had gamers on a bit of a rollercoaster. From the excitement of glasses-free 3D technology, to the disappointment of the $300 price tag, we’ve not really known how to feel. Well here’s some news that will continue the current trend. It seems that (unsurprisingly) the technology used is going to be a bit of a power hog.

Nintendo hasn’t released any numbers, but you can bet that the newer handheld won’t enjoy the same longevity of the DS. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata wouldn’t comment on just how it would stack up to the older hardware, but apparently its enough to warrant the inclusion of a charging cradle.

So on one side, we’ve got less battery life. On the other, we’re getting a cradle included in the $300 price tag. I suppose what will really matter is just how many hours of gameplay we can squeeze out of the device before needing the aforementioned cradle.


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