Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Nov 24, 2010

Back To The Future Screenshots Released!

TellTale has finally released its very first screenshots for the upcoming episodic Back to the Future game. If you didn’t know the game was coming out in the first place, you should go here and learn more!

The game will start out next month for PC and Mac gamers, but fear not iPad and PS3 owners; your time will come soon enough! Now is a good time to re-watch the trilogy and catch yourself up so you can continue the story. Even though there will likely be a recap at the beginning of the game, it’s better to know the full story ahead of time.

You will only be able to play as Marty McFly, but that’s not much of a problem as we all know playing as Doc would get annoying from how insane he is. (They would have to put in mental breaks here and there for realism.) The style is cartoony, but in my opinion it suits it quite well.


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