Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 3, 2010

A Team Meat Rsponse To PETA’s Tofu Boy

When I heard about PETA’s Super Tofu Boy, I only imagined what Team Meat would have to say. Would they sue? Would they get angered over copyright infringement?

Well to my surprise, the exact opposite happened.

Team Meat responded to PETA in a post on their blog. In the post Team Meat stated that they found the game “beyond flattering and amazingly helpful.” In celebration they are adding Super Tofu Boy to the PC version of the game as DLC.

Team Meat also announced via Twitter that in response to the flame wars that are going on about the release of Tofu Boy that they would be making him a playable character in the next Steam update. To get him just download the update and type the word “petaphile” in the character select screen.

Wow, Team Meat. Way to take this one in stride, huh?


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