Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 2, 2010

The Best Way To Travel In Azeroth, Post-Cataclysm

Now you can take your fancy flaying mounts, epic mounts, cool mounts, and the ones that make me jealous, and you can just keep them. The Goblin Rocketway is the only way for me to travel in the new World of Warcraft. It’s like a medieval roller coaster, full of zoom-zoom and boom-boom.

No one ever wasted time going to Azshara. It was pretty much a useless zone, unless you needed to up your reputation with firbolgs. One of the biggest additions with the new Cataclysm expansion is to take these zones and make them a desirable place to explore once again.

I think the new Goblin Rocketway has done the trick very well.

Once a zone for level 40 toons and above, the new Azshara is a great place for toons level 10 and up to explore as well as gain experience after they are finished with their starting zones.

A great place for Horde toons, anyway. Low level Alliance toons can make it to the zone, but safety is not guaranteed.

The Rocketway tower is within viewing distance of the gates of Orgrimmar. Take the elevator to the top, speak to the attendant, choose one of the four destinations running the length of Azshara, and you’re on your way in a zooming rocket!

Check out a look at the Rockletway below. I personally hope that later expansions extend the Rocketway across the entire span of Azeroth. Of course the cross-faction riding may be an issue, but still it would be fun. Don’t you think?


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