Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 17, 2010

The History of Video Games – The Greatest Song On The Net

When you think about the history of video games, how far back do you go? Just how deep does the rabbit hold go? Well, Youtube user therockcookiebottom has decided to lay the history of video games out for us all in a song. Covering such items as the Odyssey, Atari, and Coleco Vision, this guy has covered it all. Take a look at the catchy little video below.

Here are the lyrics:

Computer space, Odyssey, Bushnell, Atari

Coleco, Ralph Baer, Pong becomes a hit

Channel F, Chuck E Cheese, Track Ball, Bushnell leaves

VCS Cartridges, the 2600

Space invaders, high score, vector graphics, space war

lunar lander, Asteroids, Monoco gp

Pac man, Intellivision, end of game put three initials

Othello, Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi

Console war, Coleco Vision, Odyssey is back again

we can play Atari games, different ports of Pac-man

Pole position, Pitfall, video pinball

sword quest, combat, adventure, easter egg

Tempest, Robotron, Cenepede, Xaxon

Defender, Radar Scope, Donkey Kong, Nintendo’s hope

Mario Bros. no one knows, Shigeru Miyamoto

ET. Dec. 7, video games are dead

Amiga, msx, Apple 2, basic

Zx spectrum, multi user dungeon

Commodore 64, Kings Quest, Lode Runner

Zork on your floppy drive, Macintosh arrives

Famicon, gyromite, Nes, Excitebike

robotic operating buddy, light gun, Duck Hunt

Super Mario debut, Clu clue land, wrecking crew

Master system distant second Nintendo into the blue

Double Dragon, Contra first Castlevania

Metal Gear, Ninja Gained, Final Fantasy begins

Mega Man, Metroid, Punch Out, Game Boy

Tetris, Kirby, Super Mario Bros. 3


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