Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 23, 2010

This RPG Is Fueled By Hair Metal, And It’s Making A Comeback

Way back in 1987 the developers at Falcom released a role-playing game that was so metal that it needed its own special hair metal band to create the soundtrack to follow the title. This february XSEED celebrates this metal collaboration with the Ys I & II Chronicles Hair Metal Pack for the PSP.

Ys I & II Chronicles is a reboot of the first two entries in the YS series that will feature new artwork, and a remastered soundtrack, all while reserving the game’s “bump-to-battle” RPG gameplay.

Back when the game was released the Falcom in-house band, the jdk Band, decided to bust out their tight pants, guitars, and let their hair down to breathe metal into this game’s musical score. XSEED is celebrating these hair metal roots by making every launch copy of the compilation a Hair Metal Pack, complete with a soundtrack CD containing over 20 songs from both games in the package.

You can never have too much metal. There is no such thing.

Take a look at the release trailer here over on Kotaku’s page.


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