Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 15, 2011

A Weekend Featurette – The Art Of Cosplay, And The Art Of Filming It

Cosplay plays a major role in today’s pulp society. There are very talented artists, and extremely devoted fans who give their all to create for themselves an outfit, a weapon, a chance to live in the world in which they idolize, if only for one day.

Cosplay is more than just a hobby. To many, it’s a way of life – a lifestyle choice so-to-speak. We see the uprising of many conventions, websites, and social media that incorporate or even revolve around cosplay. I am such a huge fan of the whole idea, and even plan to work on some costumes myself.

While seeing all the brightly-colored costumes, amazing accessories, and features of these cosplayers, we sometimes forget what goes on behind the scenes. There’s a whole world of people who do their best to bring us photos and video of these amazing people while at conventions and so forth. Youtube user acksonl is one of these people.

I picked up on acksonl while perusing the internet earlier this weekend. I found myself captivated by his videos and even more with his artistic ability to turn the videos he constructs into works of art.

Being a fan of cosplay, and of the gaming industry, I thought you readers (and cosplayers) out there would enjoy sharing in acksonl’s work. Check out his latest video below, and don’t forget to check out his channel on Youtube. Favorite his work if you like it, and be sure to tell him how great of a job he’s doing!

So, readers, what kinds of cosplay would you want to do/have you done?

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